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Your website will include

Your Bio

Let your fans and supporters get to know you. Write about the challenges you had to overcome, your achievements and what they can look forward to next as they follow you on your journey to success.

Your Photos

Personalize your website with images of you. Add your professional and selfies to brand your website with your personality.

Include all of your music links from Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Reverbnation and all other links to your music.

Your Videos

Showcase the visuals to your music and boost your YouTube views all on one page.

Booking Information

We list your booking information and make it as easy as the click of a button for someone to book your services or for a show. This goes along with a contact for where they can submit their info for your to call them back.

Tour & Appearance Dates

Showcase your show dates and appearances so your supporters will know where to catch you next.

+ Digital Downloads

This add-on feature allows you to sell digital downloads of your audio projects. Artist websites + digital downloads start at $600

+ Merch Shop

Turn your artist website from a showcase to a merchandise stand. Sell branded t-shirts, promo items, your albums, collector’s editions and more through your merch store. Comes with e-commerce capabilities, along with your artist showcase. This option is great for those music artists who are serious about making their own money and understand that they are the business. The Music Artist Merch Shops start at $1,000

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