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Online Starter Kit
(Logo design + landing page)

Website Design
Logo Design
Social Media Kit
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Branding Strategy

(Logo + Landing Page)

KW Property inspections was founded by Christopher Williams, who has been around the real estate industry for years and wanted to help prospective property purchasers protect their investments by providing thorough inspections and great customer service.

KW Property Inspections offers inspection services for Residential Homes, Commercial and Multi-Unit Properties as well as Phase Inspections.

The Problem

They needed a way to display the services they provide, show trust and benefits of their services and to capture bookings.

The Solution

Website Design

– WordPress Template

– Webpages included information about the the products and services

– Display Google My Business customer reviews

– Integrate Inspection Booking Appointment lead capture

– Social Media link buttons

– Mobile Responsive

Logo Design

The look, feel and emotions KW Property Inspections wanted to communicate with the logo was ethical, diligent, reliable

The Logo is based around the leading initials “KWI” as a home being inspected. We placed a rooftop over the initials “KWI” and used a chimney to cap the “K”. A ladder was also placed on the “K” and the “i” is represented as a flashlight. The colors orange and gray give off the feeling of dependable, reliable service and ethical rates

Logo Design

Main Logo used for most applications

Web Design & Development

The images below are interactive. You can click and scroll around to view the website.